Doing = Learning

Why this article is the last one you need to read in order to do whatever you want

Scour Medium and you’ll find many articles that claim to know how to be a successful writer on Medium.

When it comes down to it, they all say the same thing: start writing.

This is not different from what most entrepreneurship articles on Medium will tell you as well. If you want to start something new, make money, and be free of the corporate grind, the best way is to start.

If you want thousands of articles on Medium summed up, it is to start doing, whatever it is that you’re reading about, to learn more.

This is not a new concept but one I have found a new article about almost everyday with barely anything new to takeaway from it.

Why is this?

Why do people continue to write and stress the importance of getting started on whatever it is you need to do?

The simple answer: people keep asking how can I get from Point A to Point B without listening to what successful people have been saying.

Just start.

That’s it.

But why is this so hard? Because of Newton’s first law: an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force.

It’s hard to “just start” because you have never attempted what you are trying to do before. You don’t currently have a habit of working on your side hustle making it tougher to actually get yourself to start it.

The worst part about this inaction is that you’re not learning. No matter how many articles you read or people you talk to, you’ll never learn as much than if you tried to start whatever it is that you want.

And I understand why people would rather read than actually do. It’s so much easier. Doing is hard work and it’s scary to face potential failure.

However, the most impactful way to learn is by doing. Nothing else can substitute trying something new or developing a new habit.

Even reading this article you are learning less about the struggles of starting something and how to overcome those struggles than by just trying something different.

Start, learn, and adjust.

That is really all it takes.

I could continue to write about this just like many Medium articles before me but I will only be keeping your attention away from what it is you wanted all along.

Close this article and just go DO.

Product Manager > Product Owner > User Researcher

Product Manager > Product Owner > User Researcher